Inspiring Easter Sunday in the Countryside

There is no better way to jump into Spring than leaving the city for a couple of days and enjoy cheerful Easter activities with the family. Take a look into our Easter Sunday filled with outdoor activities, Easter sheep cake baking and Easter eggs colouring!

While it’s still too cold outside, we enjoy our breakfast together inside. We share homemade snacks and discuss our plans for the day.

The very first plan and a priority – to plant two hundred trees in a near house forest. It sounds like a very huge task but we finished it in three hours!

We love to have a long tea or coffee break with a delightful homemade treat. This time I baked a huge bread loaf with raisins, butter and cinnamon.

After work outside we gathered to colour Easter eggs. We pick flowers and herbs, put them on the eggs, cover them with the hatches of the eggs and boil them in water dyed with food colouring. The result is always surprising!

For our Easter table we put an Easter sheep cake – a flavourful treat made from almond flour with a touch of lemon juice and cover it in sugar powder.

The sun is going down as well as our Easter Sunday. But there is nothing more important and fulfilling as the time spent with our family!



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